lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

About learning and teaching all the time

I know that I may be saying something you have already read or heard about, that we are constantly learning and teaching. But let me tell you that as time goes by I become more and more aware of this truth. These two processes seem to be so connected that one cannot be separated from the other. It is a law of Physics: the more you give, the more you receive. The more you need, the more you give.

My friends are constantly reminding me that this is so when they come with the right words at the right time. For some time now, this new blogging experience was making me feel quite frustrated and when I was almost going to give up for good, my friend Vicky came across with the question "Have you started your blog yet?". Maybe for her it was a usual question, but it was just what I needed in order to go back to this blog of mine which is just my first try at it. I immediately sent her what I had and she wrote my first comment for which I am very greatful.

Now, this brings a song to my mind: "That's what friends are for..." so I will dedicate it to my friends, to all of them but especially to Vicky.

I do not know how to include a video here but I will try.


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Carla Arena dijo...


I'm so pleased you didn't give up and you have a friend to give you support. Keep going, persist, try out. Blogging will be part of you and your classroom in no time!

We're always around to give you any support you need to move forward.

So, what are your pedagogical goals with it? Take a look at the questions we have on week 6 of our session and plan for it. It's an important part of the blogging process.

Vicky dijo...

Good for you!
I'm sure your blog will be a success if you put all your wisdom in it, as you have just said teaching and learning are intermingled in an undifferentiated process in life.

Carla Raguseo dijo...

Dear Ma.Ma,

Congratulations on your first blog and on your courage!
Just as the quote on your header says, when we blog "we are carrying on our education in public". We are sharing our feelings, ideas, successes and failures with the world.

As regards the video, if you want to publish it on your post, simply, copy and paste the "Embed code" (under the URL on the right on the You Tube page) on the HTML editor and the publish and voila!

As you said, we are constantly teaching and learning. My favorite quote goes: to teach is to learn twice. I'm learning a lot at Blogging4educators with all of you.

Hugs from Rosario,

Carla R.

Maria Martha Espindola dijo...

Thank you all for your warm encouraging words!
As regards my pedagogical goals, well, they have to do with education rather than instruction, which involves the whole person, all the areas of life.
Anyway, when classes start here, I will springle my comments with practical ideas for classes, games and exercises, since I teach Applied Linguistics and Special Didactics at a Teacher Education College.
Thank you all again, love,

Maria Martha Espindola dijo...

Carla R,
Thanks for trying to help me with the video but I simpley don't know where to copy the embbed code you refer to.
Please, Hep me!