jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2007

Dear students,

This is my first try at creating a blog where we can share our ideas, projects, experiences and tips altogether.

So here we go, this is a poem I wrote some time ago but it has to do with technology and sharing:


I am miles away
All the rivers
And all the seas
And all the land
Separate us.
But in a click
of a switch
I am there and
You are here.

And we are one
Together in this world
Of ours.
Time becomes one
And distance disappears.
No one can separate us
‘cause you are here and
I am there.
And it only took
a blinking of my eyes.

Maria Martha-November, 2000
I will be looking forward to your comments...
love, xxx, ma.ma.

4 comentarios:

Vicky dijo...

Dear Ma Martha, I really like your introduction. Poems of this sort always makes me feel comfortable, I'm sure your students will feel the same. Go on writing!!

Maria Martha Espindola dijo...

Thnaks my dear friend!
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly", as the Little Prince said.
I will keep on, love, ma.ma.

Alfia dijo...

Hello Ma ma,
Congratulations with your blog, well done! You are a very creative person! I'm sure your students will be happy to join you here.

Maria Martha Espindola dijo...

Thank you for your kind comment, Alfia!
It's good to hear from you again!
Love, ma.ma.